Aleutian Towns Struggle to Retain Safety Officers

Two Aleutian communities are going without local law enforcement after their village public safety officers resigned.

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Akutan’s officer has stepped down for personal reasons. And False Pass lost its VPSO two months ago, when the officer decided to move closer to his family on the East Coast.

Both of those officers were employed by the Aleutian Pribilof Islands Association, or APIA. They get funding from the state of Alaska to put officers in five communities.

Recruiting officers isn’t difficult, according to APIA public safety coordinator Michael Nemeth. Keeping them is a challenge: It’s rare for an officer to stay in Aleutians or Pribilofs for more than a few years.

Hiring from within the region might help with that, but Nemeth says it’s hard to pull off.

Until the positions are filled, Akutan and False Pass will rely on the Alaska State Troopers for assistance. And if all else fails, Nemeth says he could ”saddle up” himself. He’s a certified VPSO with experience in Nelson Lagoon and St. George.

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