Unofficial Election Returns Point to Marijuana Legalization

Although absentee and questioned ballots yet to be counted could change the outcome, it is likely that Proposition 2, which legalizes recreational marijuana use in Alaska, has gained voter approval.  

Proposition Two supporters took more than 52 percent of the vote Tuesday night. Yes on 2 organizer Taylor Bickford says the returns show that voters want a change.

“There’s still a lot of votes to be counted. We’re cautiously optimistic about the result. But what is absolutely clear, is that a majority of Alaskans want to see marijuana prohibition end, they recognize that it has failed and it’s time for a new approach. So, regardless of how the results carry out tonight, there’s no question that Alaskans want to see marijuana prohibition end in this state.”

 With all the precints counted it appears that the NO on 2 vote is just under 48 percent of the ballot. Hilary Walker is with the NO on 2 campaign

 “We’re still waiting for all the votes to come in. We’re hopeful, so, we’re hopeful, a lot of voices still need to be heard.”

At least 22 thousand absentee and questioned ballots still need to be counted. State election results are unofficial until certified.