Mexican Consulate Readies To Help On Deferred Action Plan

The Mexican government, through it’s consulate in Anchorage, has issued a statement regarding President Barack Obama’s announcement regarding deferred action on illegal immigrants. Senor Javier Abud is Anchorage’s Mexican consul. He says the Mexican government welcomes the announcement.

“Why, because some studies show more than fifty percent of undocumented people in the US are of Mexican origen. And we are talking about more thatn 11 million in total”, Abud said on Friday.

President Obama on Thursday announced his executive action on a plan to grant temporary, three year legal status to up to five million undocumented immigrants who have family in the United States. The president says that the plan does not grant them citizenship. The president’s action  protects families and allows federal immigration authorities to target criminals and those undocumented immigrants recently arrived in the US for deportation.

Senor Abud says the Mexican consulate is preparing to help those undocumented immigrants in Alaska who may benefit from Obama’s announcement.

“…to give them some guidance, to give them some advice. And I can tell you, when the process formally starts, the consulate will be ready with some contingency measures.”

Abud says that those affected must inform themselves about the plan through official sources only, such as the Mexican consulate, to avoid misinformation and to avoid being taken advantage of by scammers who may mislead them.

Abud says according to the Pew Hispanic Center studies, , there are an estimated 1,800 undocmented Mexicans in Alaska.