Alice’s Champagne Palace to Open Solstice Weekend

The Homer icon, Alice’s Champagne Palace, will open for the first time under new management on December 19th.

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Alice's Champagne Palace (Photo by Shady Grove Oliver/KBBI)
Alice’s Champagne Palace (Photo by Shady Grove Oliver/KBBI)

Matt North is a co-owner of Alice’s. He says there will be food, drink, and live music solstice weekend.

“The music we have scheduled Friday and Saturday,” says North. “Michael Hayes of Downward Dog Productions is handling booking of bands and stage confirmation. The new lights came in for the stage, so we’re getting that all hooked up which is exciting and fun to watch. It’s not anything that us three known a lot about, so it’s really fun to see it take shape. So I think we’re planning on a full open on the 19th.”

Both the bar and the restaurant will be open. North says there’s a new menu featuring locally-sourced dishes, rather than typical bar fare.

The new palace will still feature live music and dancing. And, North says, will try to live up to its reputation as “Homer’s Living Room.”

North purchased the palace earlier this year in partnership with Dr. Todd Boling and his wife, Beth.

He says the renovation and transition has taken a lot of effort, but things are finally falling into place.

“I think all of us have worked tirelessly and countless hours in getting this [done],” says North. “[There’s been] just a lot of cleaning and building. You’re not going to walk in and see a massive change, but behind the scenes in the basement, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, there’s been a lot of time put into it. We’re very excited to get this place back open again.”

Alice’s will be open from 4-10 p.m. December 19th.