Wave of Morning Car Thefts Hits Anchorage


A rash of car thefts took place Tuesday morning according a release from the Anchorage Police Department.

“We saw about four of these cases within an hour,” said Jennifer Castro, a spokesperson for APD. 

Castro explained that reports of thefts in Anchorage tend to rise when the temperature drops overnight as residents let vehicles idle longer to defrost and warm up.

Police have since recovered three of the four vehicles. One suspect was apprehended, but investigations are ongoing in all the other cases.

Even on the coldest of days residents are asked to follow straightforward rules to keep their cars safe.

“You must have an auto-start or a keyless device,” Castro explained, pointing out it’s not only a precaution, it’s a city ordinance. ” The other thing, too, is that its part of the municipal code that you can’t have a vehicle idling for more than 20 minutes.”

Police are still looking for a black Toyota Tacoma truck, license plate EWH463. Anyone with information is asked to call 907-786-8900.