Arctic Warriors

Alaska’s climate can be unforgiving, which, for those of us who love to spend time outdoors, can be part of the challenge, the reward, and a reason why we love it here. For the military, the challenge can be even tougher, and usually is not recreational. And most service members are assigned to be here, although they often come back by choice.

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Soldiers from the 4-25th Infantry Brigade Combat Team (Airborne) at the summit of Denali. Capt. Matt Hickey, who led the team, joins us on the show. Photo by JBER personnel.

On the next Outdoor Explorer, we’re talking about Arctic Warriors and the skills they learn and practice. We have two officers in the studio whose military training has helped them make it through Alaska’s harshest weather. One was on a caribou hunt on North Slope when the weather took a dangerous turn. The other led a successful Denali ascent over the summer. What does the military teach about surviving outdoors? We’ll get into that question on this show.

HOST: Charles Wohlforth


  • Capt. Matt Hickey, U.S. Army Denali expedition leader
  • Maj. Matt Miller, F-22 pilot, 90th Fighter Squadron, U.S. Air Force
One soldier fell into a crevasse on Denali during the Army’s annual summit expedition. He had a chance to snap a picture of the view looking up before self-ascending out of the crevasse. Photo courtesy of JBER personnel.

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