Alaska News Nightly: Thursday, May 7, 2015

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Russian Fish Called ‘Alaska Pollock’: OK By FDA

Liz Ruskin, APRN – Washington, D.C.

If you’re in a supermarket and see a product labeled “Alaska Pollock,” it could well be Russian-caught pollock. And the FDA considers that perfectly legal. U.S. senators Lisa Murkowski and Maria Cantwell of Washington are urging the Food and Drug Administration to change that practice.

‘Buffer Zones’ Devised to Keep Protesters From Shell’s Fleet

Annie Ropeik, KUCB – Unalaska

Final approvals for Shell Oil’s exploration season in the Chukchi Sea are expected in the coming days. And while the company is struggling to secure a home port for its ships in Seattle, they’re still set to head north by June.

Afognak Native Corp. Loses $3.8M In Cyber-Swindle

Jay Barrett, KMXT – Kodiak

An Alaska Native village corporation in Kodiak was the victim of a multimillion dollar cyber-swindle last month. According to a statement by the corporation’s attorney, Alutiiq LLC, an Afognak Native Corporation subsidiary, lost $3.8-million through an unauthorized transfer to a fraudulent account in Hong Kong.

Can Alaska Lawmakers Break The Gridlock?

Alexandra Gutierrez, APRN – Juneau

The Legislature has been in special session for ten days, and has held only a handful of budget hearings. On the other issues lawmakers have been called back for — Medicaid expansion and a sexual abuse prevention program — there have been zero meetings. The special session has mainly been characterized by gridlock.

Right to Mush? Kennel Conflict Heads to Court in Nome

Matthew Smith, KNOM – Nome

A disagreement between neighbors living several miles outside Nome city limits is set to go to trial. The dispute centers on what’s acceptable when it comes to noise—and smell—from a dog kennel.

Fairbanks Schools Among Those Fielding Threatening Calls

Dan Bross, KUAC – Fairbanks

Fairbanks schools are among several in Alaska and the western Lower 48 that have received threatening phone calls. There’s been no actual violence, but the calls have prompted lock downs and law enforcement responses.

Wasilla Scholar Garners Presidential Recognition

Ellen Lockyer, KSKA – Anchorage

Wasilla high school student Ariel Hasse has been named a 2015 Presidential Scholar. The seventeen year old has her sights set on a science career.

Graduating the 5th Grade With A Javelin Toss

Anne Hillman, KSKA – Anchorage

As the school year wraps up, many fifth graders are preparing to move from protective elementary schools to more grown-up middle schools. For the area’s Waldorf school students, that transition includes spears and hand embroidered tunics.