Ketchikan man remains missing after 6 months

The family of a Ketchikan man who has been missing for six months has filed a presumptive death petition.

The Ketchikan Daily News reports that 38-year-old Roy Banhart went missing either Dec. 28 or Dec. 29 after trying to get into a taxi near a bar.

Ketchikan Police Chief Alan Bengaard said in January that Banhart did not leave the city by commercial transportation, but that the department has had missing person cases that last several years in the past.

In an interview Tuesday Deputy Police Chief Josh Dossett said the case is still open but that there have been no new developments.

Banhart’s cousin MaryAnn Bright, of Anchorage, filed a presumptive death petition in Ketchikan District Court. A jury will be called to look into the disappearance.