America’s Wildest Refuge: ANWR

(Photo Courtesy of Executive Program Services)
(Photo Courtesy of Executive Program Services)

Tucked into a remote corner of Alaska, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is a place where wilderness is experienced on an epic scale. From forested lowlands in the south to the towering mountains of the Brooks Range and north to the coastal plains, this is where we can go back in time to see how the earth was before modern civilization.

With sweeping views of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, its wildlife, and interviews with those that know it best, Alaska: America’s Wildest Refuge is an ecological and historical portrait of this corner of Alaska. Meet the key figures that first identified this area as worthy of protection and worked to preserve it through the National Wildlife Refuge System in AMERICA’S WILDEST REFUGE. Meet Alaskan Native residents that live near the refuge and rely on it to maintain their ancient subsistence way of life.

  • Thursday, July 9. 8:00 pm.
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