7 Homes Imperiled By Erosion on the Matanuska River

The state Department of Transportation is taking emergency action to start work on protecting the Glenn Highway from Matanuska River waters North of Sutton. State Representative Jim Colver says he viewed the damage from river erosion Monday, and has requested emergency help from DOT.

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“Unfortunately, the whole force of the main stem of the river is movinig over to that bank. It’s cutting through woods and going in an area it has never been before, and it is advancing to the road very quickly. The idea is to take action before the road is gone.”

The Matanuska River has been steadily carving a channel on the north bank near Sutton, resulting in extensive erosion which is affecting homes along the riverbank. Colver says the river water is coming dangerously close to the Glenn Highway, and is slapping against the highway right of way already.

The erosion is affecting seven area homes.