Superintendent of the Year

Dr. Bob Crumley, Superintendent of the Chugach School District, has been selected Superintendent of the Year for 2016 by the Alaska Superintendents’ Association.

Chugach School District has K through 12 schools in the Prince William Sound communities of Chenega, Tatitlek and Whittier.

Dr. Crumley started as Chugach School District superintendent in 2005. In the ten years since, he has proven himself an innovator in providing educational opportunities for rural students. Dr. Crumley said Friday that challenges can be turned into opportunities.

“Some of the geographical separation and isolation also afford us a really neat opportunity to have some of the most unique, pristine environment in our back yard, where science can happen and hands on learning can happen.”

The district also operates a home school program, and a technical program for rural students. Dr. Crumley says the small district has it’s challenges for his staff.

“We all have to wear many, many hats, and we get stretched thin. The challenge is to not lose focus on the students with administrative bureacracy and make sure that we stay focused on individual student needs to make sure that each one of those students is successfu

 The Alaska designation moves Dr. Crumley forward as a candidate for national superintendent of the year.