Mat-Su Borough certifies election results

The Matanuska-Susitna Borough’s new mayor was sworn in Tuesday.

Vern Halter was declared mayor after the Borough Assembly certified the Oct. 6 election Tuesday night.

“I thought we ran a very positive, very good campaign. We just tried to let people know who I was and why I was running and things like that,” Halter said. “And sometimes the outcome comes out the way you want it, and sometimes it doesn’t – I’ve been both directions, by the way.”

All but one new Borough Assemblyman was sworn in as well. Doyle Holmes, who lost the Borough’s District 7 Assembly race, says he is contesting the outcome of his race due to problems with the Talkeetna precinct vote.

“And, in the case of Talkeetna, with three different groups of people and a four-hour delay and such a deviation in percentages, then somebody needs to open up that bag and look in it, and see what’s going on,” Holmes said.

The Borough will investigate the District 7 contest. Randall Kowalke is the unofficial winner of that race.