Moveable Feast Features Visit to Anchorage

(Photo by ©ClarkMichler)
Patrick Hoogerhyde (left), Travis Haugen (middle), joins host, Pete Evans (right) to show off their culinary talents in Anchorage. (Photo by ©ClarkMichler)

MOVEABLE FEAST WITH FINE COOKING, host Pete Evans travels to Anchorage to learn about our finest fish cuisine. While here, Pete takes a field trip to the Bait Shack to meet up with Chef Travis Haugen, and fishing guru Dustin Slinker for a fishing adventure that includes catching a fresh king salmon for their delicious grilled meal that evening.

Meanwhile, Chef Patrick Hoogerhyde travels to Copper River Seafood, one of the city’s largest seafood warehouses, to find the freshest halibut for their feast.

The chefs then meet up to craft a flavorful menu including: grilled king salmon with tomato-anchovy vinaigrette, pan- seared halibut with cucumber-radish slaw; salmon belly with golden raisins and ginger-tamari dressing; and salmon tartar.

  • Sunday, January 17. 1:30 p.m.