Anchorage paramedic travels to Greece to help with rescues


Refugee 1
Children from Turkey struggle to make it to shore in Greece after enduring hardships on their journey. (Photo by Teresa Gray)

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Anchorage resident Teresa Gray just returned from volunteering in a refugee camp in Lesvos, Greece.

Gray is a retired paramedic who was moved to volunteer for three weeks in January with a relief organization based in Ireland, after she saw the tragic and widely circulated photograph of a small refugee boy who died and washed up on a beach.

Refugee 3
(Photo by Teresa Gray)

Gray had never assisted with an international relief effort before. She says the refugees who are fleeing Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq pay Turkish Smugglers 1500 dollars a person to get to Lesvos.

They are herded onto overloaded boats.

A longer version of this interview can be found here: here.

Refugee 2
(Photo by Teresa Gray)