Ohio rookie to go out first for Yukon Quest race

The order is set for tomorrow’s start of the Yukon Quest. The 23 mushers, slated to begin the race in downtown Fairbanks, drew numbers Thursday night to determine the running order.

Allen Moore's team arrives in Pelly Crossing. (Photo by Emily Schwing/KUAC)
Allen Moore’s team arrives in Pelly Crossing during Yukon Quest 2015. (Photo by Emily Schwing/KUAC)

The first person to leave for Whitehorse on Saturday will be a 19-year-old rookie from Ohio. Laura Neese drew number one at the Yukon Quest Race Banquet on Thursday.

“I’m good with it” says Neese as she laughs.

She admitted she was hoping to a little farther back where it might be less chaotic.

“With everybody behind us, they’re gonna be blowing past us and waking my dogs up.”

Last year’s winner Brent Sass will go ninth while runner-up Allen Moore drew fourth. Moore seemed content with his number.

“I haven’t won with four,” Moore says. “I drew one twice and came in second. So I didn’t do that.”