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Good Men Wanted at Cyrano’s

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The Winter’s Tale at Out North

This week on Stage Talk we talk about four theatres, three guests and two shows. Sound complicated? Toss Pot Productions is presenting a workshop production at Cyrano’s Theatre of Kevin Armento’s fascinating play about women disguising themselves as men to join the military during the American Civil War in Good Men Wanted. And then, RKP Productions is presenting one of Shakespeare’s most intriguing plays, The Winter’s Tale at Out North Contemporary Art House. The common link is Teresa Pond, Cyrano’s Producing Artistic Director who also happens to be the director for The Winter’s Tale. Join Stage Talk this week for a lively discussion with Teresa, Carrie Yanagawa and Jill Sowerwine about both of these shows opening February 26th.



  • Teresa Pond, Director The Winter’s Tale and Cyrano’s Producing Artistic Director
  • Carrie Yanagawa, Director and Scenic Designer Good Men Wanted
  • Jill Sowerwine, Actor Good Men Wanted and Producer Toss Pot Productions

ORIGINAL BROADCAST: Friday, February 26, at 2:45 p.m.

Audio will be posted following radio broadcast.

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