Brent Sass arrives in Cripple, then takes off toward Ruby

Brent Sass grabs snacks on his way through Nikolai. (Photo by Emily Schwing/KNOM)
Brent Sass grabs snacks on his way through Nikolai. (Photo by Emily Schwing/KNOM)

Eureka musher Brent Sass has made it to the Cripple.

Sass checked in shortly after noon Thursday, making him the first musher who has taken the mandatory 24-hour layover.

According to Iditarod Insider writer Sebastian Schnuelle, Sass stayed in the checkpoint just long enough to check in and pick up a few supplies before heading back out on the trail toward Ruby.

Four-time champion Jeff King, who last won in 2006, left Cripple at 3:05 a.m. this morning and is closing in on Ruby. He has not taken the 24-hour break yet, though.

Reigning champion – and three-time winner – Dallas Seavey was the first musher into Cripple, checking in at 3:31 p.m. Wednesday. Seavey remains in the checkpoint this afternoon, presumably wrapping up his 24-hour layover.

Six other mushers – Noah Burmeister, Robert Sorlie, John Baker, Kelly Maixner, and Ralph Johannessen – also checked into Cripple on Wednesday and remain in the checkpoint as of noon Thursday. None have completed their mandatory 24-hour break.

Lots of other mushers are on the trail between Ophir and Cripple, all of whom have taken their day-long layover.

After Sass, Ken Anderson, Nicolas Petit, Hugh Neff and Mitch Seavey are within 20 miles of Cripple and should check in later this afternoon.

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