Aliy Zirkle arrives first into Galena

2016 Iditarod: Galena

Aliy Zirkle was the first musher to reach the Yukon River checkpoint of Galena Friday morning. She arrived at 10:46 with 15 dogs. Brent Sass was next into the checkpoint but swiftly moved through without stopping with his 14 dogs. Mitch Seavey pulled into Galena by 2:45. Seven other teams are en route from Ruby, including Noah Burmeister, Robert Sorlie, John Baker, Joar Ulsom, Wade Marrs, and Dallas Seavey.

Mushers must take an eight-hour rest in one the Yukon River checkpoints of Ruby, Galena, Nulato, or Kaltag. Dallas Seavey, Wade Marss, and Nicolas Petit have finished their Yukon rest by Friday afternoon.