History of Chugach State Park

Rabbit Lake and Suicide Peaks in Chugach State Park; courtesy of Wikimedia
Rabbit Lake and Suicide Peaks in Chugach State Park; courtesy of Wikimedia

When you fly into Anchorage, what do you really notice? It’s not the buildings or the roads, it’s the mountains that take your breath away. That backdrop of mountains makes Anchorage beautiful, and gives us an extraordinary place to do all kinds of recreation, all year long. It’s a gift, but it didn’t have to be that way. 50 years ago, the land we now call Chugach State Park was open for development, including a plan to log Indian Valley. The reason we have a park now is because citizens got together and were bold enough to demand one. This show is about how that happened. We’ll be talking for the entire hour about the history of the park and how it came into existence.


HOST: Charles Wohlforth


  • Sharon Cissna, founder and chair of original commitee that created the park
  • Tom Harrison, Superintendent of Chugach State Park


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