Final vote count: Girdwood to pay for police, Marsett beats Schuster

New count upends races.

Election workers tally results at City Hall on election night. Hughes/KSKA
Election workers process results at City Hall on election night. Photo: Zachariah Hughes, Alaska Public Media.

A week and a half after ballots were cast, outstanding votes in Anchorage’s municipal election have all been counted, and the results have upended two races.

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By just two votes, the residents in the Girdwood Valley Service Area have opted to tax property to pay for police protection once the State Troopers leave this summer. The split stands at 410 for, and 408 against.

Starr Marsett nudged past Kay Ellen Schuster to take seat B on the school board by a mere 68 votes

And though the gap shrunk on whether or not to issue a 49 million dollar school bond, presently there are 229 more no votes on the issue.

Area-wide, just 25 percent of eligible voters cast ballots, with notable discrepancies between different parts of town. Though not yet official, the results are unlikely to change before final certification on Tuesday.