Loon love and lore

Loons are striking, and have an unforgettable call often heard at dusk on local lakes when they are here.

You’ve heard that eerie and winsome call at dusk on an Alaska lake—the wail of a loon, checking for its mate. Then, you hear the response back. It can send chills down your spine. Once you’ve heard it, you never forget.

On the next Hometown Alaska, Alaska loon lovers who volunteer to track and monitor loons at local lakes will share their stories and passion for the birds.

With their help, and information from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, we’ll share where to view loons, and safe ways to see but not disturb the birds.

Jean Tam with a banded loon
Loon observer Jean Tam worked with U.S. Fish & Wildlife biologists to band a loon on Conner’s Bog in 2003. (Photo by Jean Tam_L

This idea came to us from a listener. Jean Tam is a passionate loon lover who has helped place an island at Connor’s Bog to support Pacific loons. She proposed the idea for the show, and we accepted! Jean will join us, along with Linda White, another loon watcher who who has volunteered to monitor lakes on JBER. She says she has seen loons on four of the 10 lakes she checks.

Are you a loon lover? Do you have stories about hearing their calls? Where were you? When did it happen? How did it make you feel?

If you are a volunteer loon monitor, tell us about your work. And before you leave, give a listen here to a Common loon here, from the Macaulay Library Website at Cornell University:





  • Jean Tam, Conner’s Bog loon cam volunteer
  • Linda White, JBER-area loon monitor volunteer
  • Jeff Fair, independent wildlife biologist, author




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