Juneau Police find explosive in Switzer Village

A suspected bomb was reported to the Juneau Police Department Friday afternoon. Sgt. Jeremy Weske found the device in the Switzer Village area.

“It had the appearance of a homemade explosive. Somewhere between, in appearance I guess, somewhere between a pipe bomb and an M-80,” Weske said.

Weske said the Explosive Ordinance Disposal team was ordered to secure the device.

“Put it into a bomb trailer, which is what they use to be able to safely move an explosive. (They) moved it to another location away from any people or residences and then rendered the device safe,” Weske said.

Weske wouldn’t comment on who was suspected to have made the device and he wouldn’t speculate on how powerful it was. He said police don’t suspect malicious intent based on the device’s location, but said it was still dangerous.

“Any of those things if used incorrectly can hurt you. This device certainly could have caused you some damage if it was used incorrectly or in an unsafe manner,” Weske said.

He said anyone with information on the device should contact the Juneau Police Department.

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Quinton Chandler is a reporter at KTOO in Juneau.

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