Sullivan on Trump VP vetting: ‘I was probably as surprised as you were’

Is Donald Trump considering Alaska Sen. Dan Sullivan for vice president? A piece by People magazine speculating the senator may be on the list of potential VP picks was ricocheting around social media yesterday. So, what does the senator say?

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U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan. (Photo by Josh Edge/APRN)
U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan. (Photo by Josh Edge/APRN)

SULLIVAN: Look… I was out of state. I was back home all last week, including up on the Yukon. So I was probably as surprised as you were when I got back here late afternoon and heard about this People magazine article. So I’m not sure how they do their vetting, but I can tell you this: I have not been contacted by the Trump campaign. What I can tell you is I was in a meeting with Donald Trump and a number of my Republican colleagues today, which I thought went well. But it went well in particular because I had a chance to talk to him after the meeting about an issue that I think most Alaskans are focused on and that’s our economy and energy. Opening ANWR, AK LNG, as critical not only to Alaska, but the country. And for someone who is going against a candidate like Hillary Clinton, who says she wants to shut down Arctic development, to me, was a good opportunity to emphasize what I think is good for Alaska and the country.

TOWNSEND: Where do you think this came from then? Where did People magazine get this idea?

SULLIVAN: (laughs) Look. I have no idea. But I’ll tell you this. I wake up every morning everyday focused on serving Alaska and the Senate. That’s what I’m going to continue to focus on.

TOWNSEND: So, just to be clear, senator, you have no plans to, if you were asked, to be Donald Trump’s vice presidential pick?

SULLIVAN: No plans. My focus is on Alaska and serving our great state.



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