Flood warning issued for Seward area

National Weather Service has issued a flood warning for Seward until 4 p.m. Tuesday.┬áChristian Cassell with the National Weather Service said the rain isn’t expected to ease up anytime soon. He said there’s a decent chance the advisory will be extended.

“There very well could be an extension of the flood advisory, but we will evaluate that as we get closer to that time,” Cassell said. “We are expecting almost continual rainfall well into Thursday if not Friday morning so it’s gonna be around for a while.”

Cassell advised drivers in Seward to be wary of hazardous road conditions due to the heavy rainfall.

“The important message we want to send along is that if there’s water over the roadways, please turn around,” Cassell said. “Don’t put yourself in any danger.”

While Seward is the main area of concern, Cassell noted that other areas of Southcentral Alaska are at risk for heavy rain.

“We’ll be watching the Cordova area and the Valdez area as we go through the week,” Cassell said. “Right now we don’t think there’ll be flooding issues but it’s definitely within the realm of possibility and it’s not unusual at all to see minor flooding issues in both of those locations as well.”

Cassell said the rain will likely slow down by Thursday night. More information can be found at The National Weather Service website: www.weather.gov/A-R-H