In St. Paul, this Alaskan vows ‘Never Trump’

Bill Briggs is a Hilary Clinton supporter from St. Paul Island (Photo by Zoe Sobel, Alaska's Energy Desk - Unalaska)
Bill Briggs is a Hillary Clinton supporter in St. Paul. (Photo by Zoe Sobel, Alaska’s Energy Desk – Unalaska)

As Election Day approaches, we’re checking in with voters around the state, asking what issues matter to them most — and who they’re supporting for president.

Yesterday we heard from Julie Tisdale, a Trump supporter in Anchorage.

Tonight we hear from Bill Briggs of St. Paul. Briggs is 60. He’s lived in St. Paul for 10 years, and manages the island’s seafood processing plant. And he is definitely not on the Trump train.

He spoke with Zoe Sobel of Alaska’s Energy Desk.

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