Another eruption and growing unrest for Aleutian volcanoes

Takawangha Volcano is on uninhabited Tanaga Island in the western Aleutians. (Photo: AVO / U.S. Geological Survey)

One Aleutian volcano has erupted again, and another is showing signs of life.

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Bogoslof Volcano erupted early Tuesday morning, continuing a series of explosions that date back to mid-December.

The Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO) warned a trace amount of ash could fall on Unalaska, 60 miles to the east, but there have been no reports of it reaching the island.

Meanwhile, the AVO has increased the alert level for Takawangha Volcano, 60 miles west of Adak.

The volcano has no known eruptions in the historical record. But on Jan. 23, scientists say an “energetic swarm” of earthquakes struck just a few miles away — a sign that magma may be moving beneath the earth’s surface.

Scientists have not detected an eruption at Takawangha, but the AVO has raised the volcano’s alert level from “normal” to “advisory” due to elevated unrest.