Dealing with the tenant (or landlord) from hell

Unless you own your own home, you rent that roof over your head. Back in 2013, news accounts reported that Anchorage had a tight rental market—which can produce inherent tensions. Today, reports are that the market is softening somewhat. In either circumstance, who benefits the most? Where are the conflicts in this fundamental transaction?

On the next edition of Justice Alaska on Hometown Alaska, we’ll focus both on issues that tenants face, and issues that landlords encounter. Alaska has statutes that set out expectations for both parties. But what’s written in black and white, and what happens, can be two different things. We’ll explore the problems and suggested remedies. So, if you have had a conflict with a landlord or a tenant, tell us what happened. If you resolved it, how?

We’ll feature expert legal guests who can cover the conflicts experienced by both tenants and by landlords. Your experiences are an important part of this story, so please consider sharing your rental challenges and triumphs with us on the air.



HOSTS: Senior Judge Elaine Andrews and Kathleen McCoy


  • Goriune Dudukgian, attorney, Alaska Legal Service Corporation
  • Sarah Badten, attorney, Birch, Horton, Bittner & Cherot



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