Alaska News Nightly, Friday, June 9

Alaska News Nightly for Friday, June 9

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New study claims Exxon Valdez oil spill not as damaging to fisheries as first thought 

Casey Grove/AKPM – Anchorage

A recently published scientific study says the 1989 Exxon-Valdez oil spill in Prince William Sound is less to blame for salmon and herring declines than previously thought, but critics say it’s not that simple.

A familiar Arctic drilling tug may be back, as a Coast Guard Cutter

Ruskin/AKPM – Washington, D.C.

The Coast Guard has apparently reconsidered its refusal to rent the Aivik (EYE-vick), a ship belonging to Edison Chouest Offshore, to use as an icebreaker. Coast Guard Vice Adm. Charles Ray told a U.S. House subcommittee this week the ship’s owners submitted a plan to put the vessel through an ice trial.

Greg, Fitch files to run for Don Young’s Congressional seat

Hsieh/KTOO – Juneau

Greg Fitch, founder of the Juneau-based Mental Health Consumer Action Network, has filed to run for Republican Don Young’s seat in Congress. Fitch, 47, is a Democrat. According to the Alaska Division of Elections, he’s the third person to file for the 2018 election.

Legislative update from Juneau

Kitchenman/Townsend/AKPM/KTOO – Juneau, Anchorage

Alaska Public Media’s Andrew Kitchenman talked to Lori Townsend about the current budget stalemate in Juneau.

Knik Land Decision

Patel/AKPM – Anchorage

In April, the State of Alaska filed a lawsuit against the federal Bureau of Land Management, asserting that Alaska owns the land under about twelve river miles at the head of the Knik River northeast of Anchorage.

Fast moving ice endangers polar bears

Lesia/Townsend/AKPM – Anchorage

A new U.S. study of polar bears off Alaska’s coasts says faster-moving sea ice brought on by rapid global warming is adding to the animals’ physiological stress. Research ecologist George Durner says that adds to problems for polar bears in the southern Beaufort Sea.

AK: Juneau City Manager: “People have nowhere to go.”

Resneck/Leisia/Waldron/AKPM – Juneau, Anchorage

This week on AK, revolving camps.
This past spring, a tent city appeared in Alaska’s capital. Juneau is struggling with a ballooning homeless population and so far, efforts to crack down have just moved the problem around. KTOO’s Jacob Resneck visited the camp, and has this story. Now it’s time for 49 voices. This week we’re hearing from Zach Sarti in Anchorage.
Zach Sarti lives in Anchorage. 49 Voices is AK’s attempt to put every Alaskan on the radio.