Reported North Korean ICBM test could spell concerns for Alaska

The intercontinental ballistic missile Hwasong-14 is seen during its test launch. (Photo via Korean Central News Agency)

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson confirmed today that North Korea’s latest missile test was with an intercontinental ballistic missile. Though the U.S. military’s initial assessment was that the North Koreans fired an intermediate-range missile, Tillerson’s statement offered the first confirmation from the Administration that it was in fact an ICBM.

The latest missile flew higher and longer than any previous one, sparking concerns it could hit major population centers in Alaska like Anchorage or Fairbanks.

Tillerson said this represents a new escalation of the threat posed to the United States and the world by North Korea, and plans on bringing the action before the United Nations Security Council.

Russia and China have proposed that North Korea declare a moratorium on nuclear and missile tests, while the U.S. and South Korea refrain from large-scale military exercises.