New developments in the works for Juneau’s downtown waterfront

NorthWind Architects and Corvus Design created this concept art illustrating what part of Juneau’s downtown waterfront could look like in 2019. The concept is part of a Juneau Docks and Harbors master plan process underway.

More food trucks, retail, parking and an expanded USS Juneau Memorial are in the works for Juneau’s downtown waterfront.

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Last week, the city released a design plan to develop the area from Marine Park to Taku Smokeries.

Gary Gillette, port engineer for Juneau Docks and Harbors, said the aim is to create a space both for visitors and locals.

“Our waterfront that we’ve been building up with the new cruise berths and stuff has been primarily focused towards serving the cruise industry,” Gillette said. “But we really hope that something will spark locals to get encouraged to come to the area in the off season, which in turn would spark some of those business owners to stay open in the winter.”

A large portion of the area for development is the Archipelago Lot, directly next to the public library. Docks and Harbors owns a portion of the land. But most of the lot is owned by Morris Communications, a Georgia based media company. They previously owned the Juneau Empire.

Gillette said they plan to work with the company to develop the area.

“We’ve been working with the private owner to make sure they get what they need and we get what we need and it all works together, so when it’s done it’ll all be one logical, cohesive plan, and cohesive area,” Gillette said.

Docks and Harbors is looking for community feedback on the design plan. You can see the plan on the Docks and Harbors website, and send feedback to Gary Gillette at

The Docks and Harbors board is scheduled to vote on the design plan at 5 p.m. Nov. 30 in Assembly Chambers at City Hall.

Gillette said they hope to have the Archipelago Lot portion developed in 2019. Other portions will be developed as funds allow.