Prince William Sound and wilderness lodges

The cover for the book “A Wild Promise” courtesy: Debbie S. Miller.

On the next Outdoor Explorer, we have two visions of wilderness a bit different than the gritty version you’re used to hearing. In the first half, we’ll hear from an author and photographer who created a new book about Prince William Sound, packed with beautiful pictures. In the second half, the owner and chef of two of Alaska’s most luxurious rustic wilderness lodges, where the world’s wealthiest travelers come to see the wilderness. Join Charles Wohlforth, to learn more.



HOST: Charles Wohlforth


  • Segment 1: “Prince William Sound wilderness book”. Author and photographer of “A Wild Promise: Prince William Sound,” Debbie Miller and Hugh Rose.
  • Segment 2: “Disabilities no longer a barrier to kayaking in the Great Lakes”. Veronica Volk, Great Lakes Today.
  • Segment 3: “Luxery lodges”. Kristin Dixon, owner, Winterlake Lodge and Tutka Bay Lodge.




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