Walker’s oil & gas advisor leaves for job at NANA

John Hendrix started work as Gov. Bill Walker’s chief oil and gas adviser in July 2016. (Photo: Rachel Waldholz / Alaska’s Energy Desk)

Gov. Bill Walker’s chief oil and gas advisor has taken a new job.

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Later this month, John Hendrix will join the NANA Regional Corporation as the president of its commercial group. That group includes subsidiaries that do oil field and mining support services, as well as construction and capital projects.

Hendrix has been in Walker’s cabinet for nearly two years.  When he was hired in 2016 for the $185,000 a year position, his focus was on figuring out how Alaska can produce more oil.

In a media release, Walker’s office congratulated Hendrix on the new position and said  he’ll continue working on projects with the Office of the Governor.