ASD suspends Dimond football program amid hazing allegations

The Anchorage School district is investigating allegations of abusive hazing on the Dimond High football team.

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In a press release Wednesday afternoon, ASD Superintendent Deena Bishop said she first heard about alleged misconduct involving the team at the beginning of the week. The details of what happened are not yet publicly known, and Bishop said there will not be any further comment on the incident until the investigation is complete.

On Monday, television station KTUU reported that a woman claiming to be the parent of one of the players said the incident happened during a weekend game in Fairbanks. KTUU did not name the woman, who said that a group of Dimond seniors “took several freshman team members one-by-one into another room” where the hazing happened. According to the source, the abuse was sexual in nature.

ASD wrote that it is suspending all “practices, team activities, and games” for Dimond football this week, and will make a decision about the remainder of the season after investigating further.

The district said it reached out to the Anchorage Police Department immediately upon learning about the allegations.