Permanent Fund managers to look for in-state investment opportunities

Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation sign at headquarters in March 2016. House majority members want to enshrine Permanent Fund dividends in the state constitution. (Photo by Skip Gray/360 North)

Alaska’s Permanent Fund Corporation has a new mandate to increase the amount of the Permanent Fund that is invested in the state.

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The fund’s Board of Trustees adopted the new policy Thursday during a meeting in Anchorage.

It sets a goal of increasing the amount of the Permanent Fund assets invested in-state to at least 5 percent in five years.

Permanent Fund CEO Angela Rodell told the board what that would look like in dollars.

“…By 2023, at least $2.4 billion of the fund — if the fund stays flat — would be invested in state,” Rodell said.

To qualify as an in-state investment, it would be handled by an investment manager who isn’t employed by the Permanent Fund Corporation. That manager would either need to have an office in Alaska and an Alaska-based employee managing its assets. Or, it could also be direct investment into a project in the state.

In addition to the new policy, the board also directed the Permanent Fund Corporation to put $200 million into a program that would use Alaska-based investment managers.