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Hometown Alaska has frequently featured local entrepreneurs and the start-up spirit that is certainly a part of Alaska’s successful post-oil future. In May of 2016, we sat down with Launch Alaska, a non-profit business accelerator for start ups. They shared their premier class, which included a food venture specializing in Alaska foods for backpacking, Heather’s Choice. Two years down the road, what’s new? We’ll find out from Heather Kelly herself, during today’s program.

Another entrepreneurial venture we talked about this past May was Pandere Shoes. Since last we chatted, they’ve been selected for Ready Set Raise, a business accelerator helping women entrepreneurs land early-stage funding, and they also started shipping their shoes. We’ll hear from one of their three co-founders: Celia Crossett, Laura Oden and Ayla Rogers.

We’ll hear from fresh women entrepreneurs as well, including Piper Foster Wilder of 60Hertz, which “creates maintenance software for emerging markets.” They developed their software in collaboration with power plant operators across remote Alaska, as well as other Alaska energy professionals.

We’ll also hear from Fire Island Rustic Bakeshop‘s co-owner, Rachel Pennington. What was it like starting out as a baking assistant and growing into lead baker? Today, the bakery  has three locations; what has it been like going through this growth and transition?

Launch Alaska will join us again on this program, in the person of board member Gretchen Fauske, who works in economic development for the State of Alaska. Your questions and comments are welcome throughout the program.

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HOSTKathleen McCoy


In the studio:

  • Rachel Pennington, Co-owner Fire Island Rustic Bakeshop
  • Piper Foster Wilder, founder, 60Hertz maintenance software for emerging markets
  • Gretchen Fauske, Launch Alaska and economic development, State of Alaska

Phone updates:

  • Heather Kelly, Heather’s choice adventure foods
  • Laura Oden, co-founder of Pandere Shoes



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