Coast Guard crew member dies in accident on Homer Spit

A U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Hickory crew member died in an accident on the Homer Spit on Thursday. Chief Warrant Officer Michael Kozloski was 35 years old.

Lt. Cmdr. Ray Reichl is chief of external affairs for the Coast Guard 17th district. He said Kozloski was fatally injured when a crane rolled over Thursday afternoon in the Coast Guard’s buoy storage yard.

“The details of the accident are unknown, but a local EMS and fire department were notified, arrived on scene, and transported the member to the hospital,” Reichl said.

He does not know if Kozloski was the driver of the crane or was in the vicinity of it and says a formal investigation is still underway. However, Homer News is reporting that the crane rolled over and hit Kozloski.

In a press release on Saturday, Coast Guard 17th district commander Rear Adm. Matthew T. Bell Jr. said Kozloski was a devoted shipmate, husband and father.

“Chief Warrant Officer Kozloski faithfully served his country for over 17 years and we are forever grateful for his steadfast devotion to duty and sacrifices,” Bell said.

Kozloski was the second Coast Guard crew member to die last week in Alaska. A crew member died Sunday near Dutch Harbor.