Alaska Sports Hall of Fame: 2019 Trajan Langdon Award recipients

Larsen Klingel and Andy Beardsley at the Boston Marathon. Photo by Katie Beardsley.
Andy Beardsley, Larsen-Klingel and Eleanor Klingel, photo by Katie Beardsley.

In 1974, Andy Beardsley was 10 years old and new to Anchorage. He was figuring out his way around his new school, Rogers Park Elementary, when he encountered Larsen Klingel walking down the middle of the hallway. Larsen is hard to miss; not only does he have a big personality but he also has cerebral palsy and he walks with crutches. They soon became fast friends and had many adventures in the wild frontier of Anchorage in the 70s and 80s. They remained friends after college, when Andy moved to Maine and Larsen moved to Homer. Then several years ago, Andy, who had always been a competitive runner, decided they should do the Boston Marathon together. But you have to qualify first and you don’t get a break on your qualifying time if you are pushing another participant. Their journey to qualify and then run in what was arguably the worst weather ever at a Boston Marathon, got the attention of the Alaska Sports Hall of Fame. In April, they were awarded the Trajan Langdon Award for leadership, sportsmanship and inspiration for their 2018 Boston Marathon journey.
Join us for a discussion with Larsen and Andy about being kids in Anchorage in the 1970s, the importance of life-long friendships that include time in the outdoors together, and how they trained and prepared for the Boston Marathon.

HOST: Lisa Keller


Segment 1: Larsen Klingel and Andy Beardsley


BROADCAST: Thursday, May 23rd, 2019. 2:00 pm – 3:00 p.m. AKT

The Chair. Photo by Katie Beardsley

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