Alaska Senate Republicans confirm Revak for open Senate seat

Josh Revak accepts congratulations after he won a Republican primary in August 2018 in a race to join the Alaska House of Representatives. On Saturday, Alaska Senate Republicans voted to confirm Revak to fill a vacant Senate seat. (Photo by Nat Herz/Alaska’s Energy Desk)

The Alaska Senate Republicans voted Saturday to confirm Rep. Josh Revak to fill a vacant Senate seat in Anchorage.

Revak was sworn into his Senate position by Lt. Gov. Kevin Meyer on Saturday afternoon, according to the statement announcing his confirmation. He replaces Chris Birch, who died on Aug. 7 from heart complications.

In the statement, Revak thanked Gov. Mike Dunleavy for nominating him.

“I appreciate the time my new Senate colleagues took in considering my confirmation and I look forward to working with them,” he said.

Revak was Dunleavy’s second choice for the seat. Senate Republicans did not confirm his first pick, Rep. Laddie Shaw.

Senate President Cathy Giessel welcomed Revak in the statement.

“Josh knows how to bring folks together, from across the political spectrum, and find real solutions that work for Alaska,” she said.

Revak has been a state representative since January.

Revak’s South Anchorage seat in the state House of Representatives will become vacant when he takes the Senate seat. District 25 Republicans are expected to forward recommended replacements to Dunleavy.

After Dunleavy has chosen a replacement, the 22 remaining House Republicans will decide whether to confirm the choice.