Alaska News Nightly: Tuesday, Nov. 26, 2019

Ketchikan Creek swells after heavy rains in November, 2019. (Photo by Eric Stone/KRBD)

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Tuesday on Alaska News Nightly:

The administration of Gov. Mike Dunleavy has settled a lawsuit seeking to declare the Alaska Hire law unconstitutional. Plus: Juneau cabin rentals are selling like hotcakes. Can new construction help meet the sizzling demand? And, a month of near-constant downpour has finally lifted the Ketchikan area out of drought, but all of that rain seems to have brought a new set of problems.

Reports tonight from:

  • Andrew Kitchenman in Juneau
  • Kavitha George in Kodiak
  • Tyler Thompson in Dillingham
  • Eric Stone in Ketchikan
  • Robyne in Fairbanks
  • Jeremy Hsieh and Adelyn Baxter in Juneau
  • Greg Kim in Bethel