Moose are more dangerous than you might think

Not what you want to see in front of you on the road! Mama and baby moose crossing as you speed toward them. This is a still from a video taken by an APD dash camera. See the full video below. Courtesy of APD and Alaska Department of Fish & Game.

Bears get all the scare glory. Somehow, we humans tend to overlook an important fact in Alaska: more humans are hurt by moose every year than by bear (Alaska Dept. of Fish & Wildlife). I sense we’d be wise to have more respect for moose.

And then I saw this pretty terrifying video, courtesy of an APD web cam:

If that doesn’t put a little fear into your gas-pedal foot, I don’t know what will. While some moose/vehicle collisions may go unreported, the state says these collisions happen up to 800 times a year.

The Alaska Department of Fish & Game has a new driver initiative and a new heat map for Alaskans to see where the most moose/vehicle collisions occur. We’ll learn about those on this week’s show from an Alaska Department of Fish & Game biologist.

In addition, we’ll talk about moose behavior and the stressors that can lead them into a confrontation with you, the hiker/biker/skier moving through Alaska’s parks and wild lands. What’s the best way to avoid problems, and what do you do if everything goes wrong? A moose behavior specialist with the Alaska Department of Fish & Game will cover those angles for us.

And, we hope that you’ve got a few moose stories and encounters to share. We’d love to hear about them. Join us.

HOST: Kathleen McCoy


  • Todd Rinaldi, area wildlife biologist, AKF&G Matanuska Valley moose range
  • John Crouse, wildlife biologist, AKF&G Kenai Moose Research Center
  • Dave Battle, wildlife biologist, AKF&G Anchorage area


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