LISTEN: Anchorage clothes-repair workshops revive the practice of mending

Textile artist Amy Meissner (center) at the Anchorage Museum’s SEED Lab, where she leads mending workshops to repair clothes and other gear. (Joshua Corbett/SEED Lab photo)

Once a month, the Anchorage Museum’s SEED Lab hosts a mending workshop where participants repair clothing and other gear in an effort to extend their use, reduce waste and teach participants new skills.

It fits the SEED Lab’s mission of bringing together creative people to address the many challenges of — and envisioning a positive future for — life in the north. And the creative person leading the mending workshops is Amy Meissner, a textile artist with years of experience sewing.

Meissner says the monthly workshops have attracted participants of all ability levels and, as she told Alaska Public Media’s Casey Grove, they’re learning from each other as much as from her.