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The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program or “HAARP” facility is gearing up for its busiest season since the University of Alaska Fairbanks acquired the Gakona-area atmospheric experimentation station from the Air Force. Listen now

Experiments are scheduled through the end of the month at the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program or HAARP facility. It’s the first time science is being conducted at the ionospheric research station in Gakona since the University of Alaska Fairbanks took it over from the Air Force in 2015. Listen now

The High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program or HAARP facility in Gakona was the target of a planned attack by two Georgia men. Listen Now
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The University of Alaska Fairbanks has several prospective customers for the HAARP facility. UAF took ownership of the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program facility in Gakona from the Air Force last summer, and there’s optimism that the station, once destined for scrap, has a future. Download Audio

The University of Alaska Fairbanks will take ownership of Gakona's High Frequency Active Auroral Program, best known as HAARP. Download Audio:

The Air Force has paused a plan to demolish the HAARP facility, as it reconsiders options for transferring its ionospheric research infrastructure near Gakona to another entity. That could be the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Download Audio

The U.S. Air Force is expected to slow down the demolition slated for Gakona’s HAARP facility. Wednesday, Air Force Research Lab public affairs representative Charles Gulick, emailed APRN saying, “Air Force Leadership is currently considering the option of deferring the dismantling for up to 10 months to allow time for a potential transfer to another entity.” Download Audio

The Gakona High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program may have been saved in the nick of time. Download Audio

Gakona's High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, better known as HAARP, is slated for the junkpile. But a group of University of Alaska researchers are trying to stave off a Department of Defense move to scuttle the often - misunderstood scientific facility. Download Audio

The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, or HAARP facility, shut down last month. The official in charge of the military research facility near Glennallen isn’t talking, but the closure appears to be short term. Download Audio

It's taken over 15 years, but the Military's High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) station has finally been completed in Alaska's Copper River...

State House and Senate agree on a school funding plan; Murkowski suggests taxing outdoor rec gear to help fund park projects; State announces businesses joining the China Trade Mission; Anchorage officials certify vote-by-mail results; Kodiak jig fishermen explore other markets during poor cod season; Biologists predict early start for Togiak sac roe herring fishery; New charges are filed in case of Petersburg teens hitting deer; Five Juneau residents ordered to pay fines, restitution for deer poaching; HAARP readies for busiest research season in three years Listen now

Several proposals emerge for using Permanent Fund to fix budget; Northern Dynasty rebuts Kerrisdale attack, warns of action to protect investors; Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office hires new director; Alaska board, prompted by suit, proposes new abortion rules; Sullivan urges Board of Game to repeal predator control regulations; Exercise near Deadhorse to test paratroopers' ability to operate in cold; Alaska farmers push for hemp legalization; New taxi regulations will be on April ballot; Most Alaska high school grads unprepared for UA math and English; HAARP schedules first experiments since UAF takeover; Sheet metal apprenticeship organized in rural Alaska; Sitka author’s “Alaskan Laundry” wins statewide award Listen now

Procession held in Anchorage for fallen Fairbanks police officer; Mental Health advocates asking Governor to look into actions of Mental Health Trust; New Mat-Su flood mapping system more accurate; Sea Life Center receives grant; Plot to attack HAARP facility in Gakona stopped by Georgia police; Driest October on record in Fairbanks; Hughes, Hale vie for Senate F; Alaskan gulls carry drug-resistant E. coli; Salmon fishing in St. Paul: Building a new subsistence resource Listen Now

Conference committee passes House oil and gas tax bill, Seaton urges Walker to veto; DOC investigation shows inmate died from drug overdose; new national project focusing on race in schools begins in Anchorage; record rainfall leads to flooding in Anchorage; cruise ship Infinity heads for repairs after crashing into Ketchikan dock; these sailing drones can teach us about life in the Bering Sea; UAF Looking To Expand HAARP Potential;

Short $1B, Icebreaker Advocates Consider Leasing, Sharing; State Raises Concerns Over Costs As Anchorage Hospitals Vie For More ER Beds; Barge Arrives To Courier Alaska's Marine Debris To the Lower 48; Ocean Acidification: A Grim Reaper For Wild Shellfish Stocks?; Walker OKs Further Work On The Juneau Access Project; UAF To Acquire HAARP Science Program Download Audio

From the Pebble mine order to the election to the sale of our largest newspaper to a website, 2014’s news had a lot of unexpected developments. What do you think was the big news of the year gone by? Was it the National Guard scandal? The death of the HAARP (harp) Project? The beginning of same-sex marriage? Or something else? APRN: Tuesday, 12/30 at 10:00am Download Audio

The Air Force has agreed to delay its plans to demolish a $300 million research facility near Glennallen to allow more time to work out a deal to transfer ownership to the University of Alaska-Fairbanks. Listen now:

Begich Painted As Soft On VA Scandal; Air Force Considering Transfer Of HAARP Facility To UAF; Health Care Broker Enroll Alaska Scales Back; As Pollock Season Begins, Bycatch Debate Looms; Kuskokwim Fishermen Push for an Opportunity to Fish; Emergency Order Limits Kasilof King Fishing Hours; AK: Gold Miner; 300 Villages: Girdwood Download Audio

Former Haines Police Officer Hired As Security Officer For The Alaska Marine Highway; Missile Defense Budget Shows Continued Alaska Role; Air Force Confirms Delay In HAARP Demolition; State Defends Decision To Certify Citizens Initiative Slowing Pebble Mine; Alaska Judicial Council Recommends All But 1 Judge For Retention; Report Says 12,000 Alaskans Without Reliable Access To Health Care; Source of Shishmaref Sheen Remains Unknown, Locals Work to Absorb Substance; Before The Pipeline: John Davies; All Nations Children’s Dance Group Fosters Cultural Identity Download Audio