Chris Alloway

Broadcast Engineer

chris allowayChris Alloway was born and raised in Seattle, after some time in the Navy and a stint in Washington DC he arrived in Alaska in 2011. Since arriving Chris worked as an FAA contractor, followed by five years as a Broadcast Engineering Technician at Alaska Public Broadcasting (a separate organization with a confusingly similar name), and now as Broadcast Engineer at Alaska Public Media.

Being a lifelong fan of public broadcasting Chris has felt privileged to work in the field and lucky to have been given the opportunity to travel to every corner of Alaska. In his travels he’s met people from all walks of life and the uniquely diverse cultures existing in Alaska, he’s gained insight to the important role that public broadcasting plays in the lives of Alaskans; especially those who live in the bush and those living “off the grid.” At AKPM Chris works to make sure that all Alaskan’s have continued access to quality public broadcasting.