Ron Zastrow

Broadcast Engineer

Ronald Zastrow is a Broadcast Engineer from North Tonawanda, NY. His first visit to Alaska was in 1971, when he was eight years old. He knew then he was going to live in Alaska when he grew up.

Ron has been a Broadcast Engineer for 23 years, with experience in the electronic communication field since 1981. As former Director of Engineering for Alaska Public Radio Network, Ron facilitated the installation of APRN’s satellite uplink site, located at the 9th Avenue location, which utilized the State Interconnect Project. He travelled to Chevak and Unalakleet, member stations KCUK and KNSA, to help complete upgrades to studio facilities. “There may have been some silver fishing on that KNSA trip.” He joined Alaska Public Media during the merger of APRN and Alaska Public Telecommunications, Inc, at which time he worked as Chief Engineer for radio station KSKA. Ron coordinated the design and installation of KSKA’s current studios and automation system, along with the remodel of the Elmo Sackett Broadcast Center.

In 2007 Ron left APTI to join the engineering team at Alaska Public Broadcasting Inc., Ron spent three years traveling to remote villages in Alaska helping with the installation of new radio broadcast transmitters and studio equipment. Ron has visited nearly every public radio station in Alaska. One of his most memorable trips was to Fort Yukon station KZPA, “I love the flight to Fort Yukon. One flight it was just the pilot and me in a Cessna Caravan loaded with lumber. The project was to install a new antenna-tuning unit for the new HD AM transmitter, the lumber was for the new platform for the tuning unit to live on.”

Ron returned to APTI in 2010 as a Broadcast Engineer. He has been key to help maintain studios, transmitters, remote translators and microwave systems for Alaska Public Media.