Steve Grabacki & Marianne Kerr

The Rock Island Line Co-hosts

Steve Grabacki took his MS in fisheries biology from UAF in 1981, and he is a Certified Fisheries Professional. He is owner and president of GRAYSTAR Pacific Seafood, Ltd., an Anchorage-based consulting company. Steve began volunteering at KSKA in 1991, in the News Department. He soon became a Saturday morning Board Operator, during Weekend Edition. From 1995 – 2012, Steve has provided weekly seafood industry updates, for airing on Friday mornings and evenings. Over the years, Steve has assisted in several pledge drives, and has guest-hosted Acousticity many times. His favorite KSKA activity is co-hosting The Rock Island Line, a program of classic folk music, with his wife, Marianne Kerr.

Marianne Kerr arrived in Anchorage in 1979 and shortly after that began volunteering at KSKA on the Bluegrass Festival and Pledge Drives. A believer in the spirit of volunteerism, she believes that everyone has something to give. She enjoys giving listeners pleasure while singing along with classic folk tunes, and co-hosting The Rock Island Line with her husband, Steve Grabacki. She is currently an agent with the University’s Cooperative Extension Service in Anchorage.

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