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Line One: Aging in place and caregiver support

Occupational therapists can provide much needed services to allow our elders to age with dignity in their homes and provide caregiver support.
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Talk of Alaska: Just Transition

What would a transition to a post-oil future look like? A group of community organizations from around the state are convening to explore sustainable concepts, and how we can build a more equitable economy.

Line One: Being blind in Alaska

The Alaska Center For The Blind And Visually Impaired discusses the myths and misconceptions about blindness, what life in Alaska is like for the visually impaired and the support and resources that are available.

Talk of Alaska: Fire season forecasts

How is climate change fueling early season fire conditions and prolonging them through the summer?

Line One: Pediatric chronic pain

Because chronic pain in children is a unique combination of biological, psychological and social factors in each child, the source of chronic pain can be complex.

Talk of Alaska: Sustainable subsistence

In many places, traditional subsistence has seen repeated interruptions in recent years, causing food insecurity and cultural disruption for Indigenous communities that rely on these foods.
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Line One: Cults and indoctrination part 2

Most people believe they are too smart and too independently-minded to fall prey to the charms of a cultic leader or to blindly follow a belief system, yet many people do.
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Talk of Alaska: Alternative justice in Alaska’s therapeutic courts

Many people who are involved with the criminal justice system have mental health issues, substance use disorders, or both. Instead of going to prison, some people choose to participate in the Alaska Therapeutic Court System where a team of people helps them heal.

Line One: Vaccine access for the disabled community

More than two years into the pandemic, vaccines are widely available and most health measures have been lifted. But there are still Alaskans who have difficulty accessing vaccines or who have continued health risk in spite of them.

Talk of Alaska: Polar diplomacy in a tense international climate

The war in Ukraine has strained the international community’s relationship with Russia, a key player in Arctic affairs. How are other nations and Arctic residents working to continue collaboration on safety, vessel traffic, climate change and development? 

Line One: The Making of Monsters

David Livingstone Smith believes dehumanizing others is rooted in human psychology and leaves us vulnerable to leaders who trade in the politics of demonization and violence.

Talk of Alaska: Collaborative project Permafrost Pathways tackles a thawing Arctic

Our polar position means the effects of increasing temperatures are creating problems for coastal and Interior communities. New tools for measuring carbon emissions from melting permafrost could change future cap and trade policies.
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Line One: Child abuse prevention and intervention

During Child Abuse Prevention Month, Dan Bigley joins Prentiss Pemberton to discuss what is being done to prevent child abuse before it happens and what can be done to help children who have experienced abuse in their lives.
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Talk of Alaska: The special election for U.S. House

With 48 candidates in the running to serve the remainder of Congressman Don Young’s term, Alaskans have a big decision to make in the upcoming pick-one primary election.
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Line One: The psychology of cults

The idea of cults seems to both fascinate and scare us. Why do intelligent people often give up everything to blindly follow these leaders and their ideologies?
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Talk of Alaska: Confronting Alaska’s high rate of violence against women

Two councils recently established by Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s office are tasked with addressing missing and murdered Indigenous people and human and sex trafficking.
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SPECIAL Talk of Alaska: Talkeetna community members discuss social isolation

The pandemic brought on a level of loneliness that many of us haven’t encountered before. Even two years in, we’re just beginning to understand how our communities and relationships have been affected.

Line One: Moms Matter Now supports mothers before and after pregnancy

Motherhood is an amazing and incredibly challenging time, but few people talk about the emotional and psychological transition.

Talk of Alaska: Remembering Don Young

For nearly 50 years, Rep. Don Young’s bombastic style both helped draw attention to Alaska's legislative need and often found him crossed up in less than flattering headlines. Constituents, former colleagues and journalists share memories of Alaska’s longest serving Republican.

Line One: The Trouble with Trauma

In order to make decisions and judgements, the human mind uses cognitive shortcuts. Dr. Michael Scheeringa, author of “The Trouble With Trauma: The Search To Discover How Beliefs Become Facts", explores why that's an issue.