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‘Black in Alaska’ profiles lives and successes of Black Alaskans

The team behind the project hopes to profile people from different communities, age groups and careers to increase understanding about the experiences of Black people in Alaska.

Talk of Alaska: ‘Black in Alaska’ aims to increase African American visibility

A new compilation of the stories of struggle and triumph provides a lens on the lives and careers of Black Alaskans.

Line One: How childhood nutrition affects chronic illness

Childhood chronic illness affects 40% of school-aged children and adolescents. Nutrition, movement, environmental toxins and genetics play a role in this progression.

Talk of Alaska: Alaskan Olympians compete in Beijing

With the Winter Olympics already underway in Beijing, we’ll hear from members of Alaska’s winter sports community to learn more about the programs that trained some of our top athletes.
A highway sign is ripped off and laying in trees.

Talk of Alaska: State and local partners on coordinating disaster response

This winter has seen a series of extreme weather events in regions throughout the state. How are local governments planning for a future where climate related threats are more intense and what kind of relief is available to help communities recover?

After vandalism, museum continues to share Jewish life in Alaska Incidents of antisemitism have been on the rise nationally and worldwide. Here in Alaska, a series of events last year highlighted the need for continued education to combat bigotry. As Alaska Public Media’s Adelyn...
A boy gets a shot from a woman in a mask.

Line One: Alaska Coalition of BIPOC Educators advocate for vaccination

On the next installment of Alaska Public Media's Talk to your Neighbor series, members of the Alaska Coalition of BIPOC Educators discuss how they're getting the word out about vaccination in schools and in the community. 

Talk of Alaska: Alaskans respond to anti-Semitism in and outside Alaska

Recent incidents of anti-semitism nationally and in Alaska have highlighted the need to continue educating people about the pain and violence that bigotry can produce if allowed to go unchecked.
A book cover that says: Make Crazy Work For You.

Line One: Making your ‘crazy’ work for you

In "Making Your Crazy Work for You," the authors explain that by confronting and understanding the root causes of our unhelpful behavior, we can learn how to embrace healthy and fulfilling relationships with ourselves and others.
A person in a hospital gown walks around a parked car in a snowy parking lot

Talk of Alaska: Health experts address omicron surge questions

The omicron variant surge in Alaska is once again putting health care resources under strain, but not in the same way as last fall’s delta surge.

After four special sessions, Alaska’s budget solutions remain elusive

As Lawmakers prepare for this year’s session, Alaska Public Media’s Adelyn Baxter looks back and reports that, despite the lengthy process, lawmakers didn’t make much progress in 2021.

Line One: All about sleep

Difficulty sleeping has affected all of us at one time or another. Lack of sleep or inadequate sleep can have drastic consequences for our day to day functioning as well as our overall health and happiness.
A small heard of musk ox in field with low mountains around

Talk of Alaska: Arctic experts discuss newest five-year research plan

As the Arctic experiences unprecedented warming and other impacts from climate change, federal agencies tasked with overseeing research in the region are coordinating with local communities and researchers to determine the best path forward.

Line One: Dan Millman’s ‘Peaceful Heart, Warrior Spirit’

Author Dan Millman's first book, The Way Of The Peaceful Warrior, introduced the idea that the moment is all that really exists and that the quality of our moments become the quality of our lives. Millman's new book explains how people can use the “peaceful warrior way” to transform their lives. 
two staff from CITC lead a class on suicide intervention

Talk of Alaska: Crisis Now and mental health resources

When you're in the middle of a mental health crisis you need help immediately but options are often limited and inappropriate. Organizations around Alaska are working to change that and connect people with the support they need.
A child stands with a sign that says: I am a future shareholder.

ANCSA at 50 on Talk of Alaska: The next generation of leaders looks forward

As the 50th anniversary of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act approaches, shareholders in and outside the state are reflecting on the landmark legislation and how it’s evolved over time. Despite the successes, problems remain, including how younger generations of Alaska Natives will be included.
A white man in a tshirt and tan pants holds a sign that says "I call the shots" in front of other protestors

Alaska health care workers plead for reason as COVID misinformation persists

Some patients continue to request unproven treatments like Ivermectin and hydroxycholorquine, and a small number of doctors actually prescribe them despite the lack of data supporting their effectiveness.

Talk of Alaska: The misinformation pandemic

Vaccines and booster shots are widely available, but less than 60% of eligible Alaskans are fully vaccinated. Many doctors feel inaccurate information and conspiracy theories are a big part of the problem. How are they working to help their patients believe in the facts?
A woman stands behind a counter with a mask on.

Talk of Alaska: How will supply constraints affect holiday shopping for Alaskans?

Alaska businesses are facing another holiday season of pandemic problems, this time from shipping delays and price increases that are rippling across the national and international economy.
Three caribou stand on the tundra.

Talk of Alaska: ‘A Thousand Trails Home’ and other winter titles

As the cold and dark part of our season settles in, join us for a discussion on Seth Kantner’s writing and other new Alaska author releases for winter reading.