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One Anchorage business delivers 150 pizzas a week by plane

There's one Anchorage business flying pizzas hundreds of miles, to far corners of the state.

Alaska’s population is down again, marking a third year of loss

According to the Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development, the population decreased by around 3,048 people from July 2018 to July 2019.

On average, Anchorage households spent $70,000 in one year. Where did that money go?

"Our housing story is vastly different from the rest of the country. And it has been now for four or five years."

Seven things to know about getting into and out of debt

It's the holiday season ⁠— a time of celebration, gift giving and spending. It can be tempting to lessen the impact of that spending by charging purchases on credit cards. But there are some important things to know.

Did the big 2018 earthquake shake up Alaska’s economy?

A year after the quake, are there clear impacts on Alaska's economy as a whole?

Researchers to study wildfire, unstable permafrost and rain-in-winter events on urban Alaska

Over the next four years, a collaborative research project aims to take a close look at three natural hazards: wildfire, unstable permafrost, and rain-in-winter events.

What’s driving Anchorage’s recent string of urban lynx encounters? Here’s what biologists say.

Last month, a lynx was spotted in Anchorage’s Airport Heights neighborhood, several miles from Far North Bicentennial Park. And on Friday, a resident captured a video of the animal walking along the Chester Creek Trail.

How can Alaskans make the most of the PFD? Here are a few ideas.

Beyond the political battle, part of the PFD story is a lot more personal. If you're handed this sum of money each year — how do you make the most of it?

Research shows studded tires cost the state millions of dollars in road maintenance every year

A new report finds that over the next 20 years, the road maintenance related to studded tire use will cost the state way more than what it takes in from fees drivers pay to use them.

New planes will bring regular service back to Unalaska, Ravn says, but not until next month

In a statement Thursday, RavnAir Alaska said the company will fly Dash 8 planes to Unalaska, starting "sometime during the week of November 4th."

You’ve probably never been to the Anchorage airport’s sleepy second terminal. The state wants to change that.

Anchorage used to be a critical stopping point for international flights. But as airplanes became more advanced, the city lost that place in the skies.

As construction winds down at Anchorage airport, residents can expect quieter skies

The North-South Runway Renewal Project has been going on for two years. During construction, planes that would normally fly over Cook Inlet rerouted over the city.

Boaters can again float some of the Kenai River, as fire slows

Fire officials say while warmer, drier days are coming, the Swan Lake Fire is not expected to show any considerable change.

Hikers missing after weekend trip in Hatcher Pass, search underway

The Anchorage residents -- 28-year-old Luke George, 29-year-old Dorothy Hoople, and their Bernese Mountain Dog -- were on a weekend trip in Hatcher Pass.

Weekend winds could aid Swan Lake firefighting efforts

Public Information Officer Tim Jones says winds could disperse some of the smoke that’s been hanging over the Kenai. That would benefit firefighting efforts in the air.

With Swan Lake Fire burning nearby, Cooper Landing school closes into next week

According to the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District, the closure comes as the community remains remains on a level 2 "set" evacuation notice. That means residents should be ready and prepared to leave at any time.

The latest on Southcentral wildfires: Aug. 21, 2019

The Caribou Lake Fire is threatening around 30 cabins near Homer. The blaze, 25 miles northeast of the city, grew to an estimated 700 acres on Wednesday.

Summer heat accelerates Alaska peony harvest

On another year, Christy might just now be finishing up the harvest. But today, the only flowers left from this season are stored in a walk-in cooler.

Planes violating airspace restrictions raise safety, operations concerns at Swan Lake Fire

Officials say some area pilots aren't abiding by the temporary flight restriction over the fire, and that could have major consequences.