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Several 30-foot fishing boatsin the water

After a summer of pandemic disruptions and poor salmon runs, Alaska fishermen await more federal relief money

Government relief money has helped fishermen, and the state is finalizing a plan for how to spend another $50 million in federal dollars for the industry.
The Trans-Alaska Pipeline is seen running alongside the Dalton Highway, next to a small mountain.

Alaska is down thousands of oil and gas jobs, as the pandemic continues to squash demand

Data from the Alaska Department of Labor show an estimated 6,900 jobs in the state’s oil and gas industry in September. That’s down from 10,000 in January.

Experts say Alaskans’ willingness to mask up is key to rebuilding the economy

Until the virus is under control, experts say the state’s economy will continue to suffer.
A square tan and grey building

Alaska’s Labor department says unemployed Alaskans will finally begin seeing additional funds Friday

The program promises to pay some unemployed Alaskans an extra $300 per week for up to six weeks.
Two women wearing aprons and masks stand in front of shelves in a store

How the COVID-19 pandemic has shaped the first year of business for one Anchorage store

The owners say in this first year, they've sold enough shampoo and conditioner to keep nearly 700 plastic bottles out of the landfill, but their business looks a lot different than they thought it would, thanks to the pandemic.
a small group of people at a rally holding signs

In Anchorage, Armenians of Alaska rally to raise awareness about conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh

Conflict in the region goes back decades, but recent clashes began at the end of September.
A square tan and grey building

As the pandemic drags on, unemployed Alaskans are still waiting for more help

A $300 dollar per week boost in unemployment payments still hasn't arrived, and economists say that without more cash from the federal government, the entire economy is at risk.
A view of Anchorage's skyline from the sea

The gender pay gap is wide in Alaska’s nonprofit industry. How can it be narrowed?

Seventeen percent of Alaska’s workforce is employed by the state’s nonprofit industry.

Anchorage Assembly allocates $10 million for small businesses

The money, while currently in the city’s general fund, is from the federal CARES Act funding allocated to the municipality.
People line up to provide public testimony at the Anchorage Assembly meeting.

Anchorage Assembly extends emergency declaration through Nov. 30

The vote came after a contentious start to the meeting, during which Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitz’s resignation was announced by his Chief of Staff, Jason Bockenstedt.

JCPenney, Nordstrom property purchases promise to reshape downtown Anchorage

ACDA will pay $1.7 million for the parking garage and $1.5 million for a majority stake in the Nordstrom building.

Alaska’s largest ski resort has a plan to operate during the pandemic. What will the slopes be like this year?

With a new operations plan in place, Alyeska Resort in Girdwood is set to get the lifts running again this winter.
A view of Anchorage's skyline from the sea

AEDC to remote workers: ‘Leave your crowded city and come to Anchorage’

The AEDC has launched an initiative, appealing to remote workers to move to Anchorage.
A Regal Cinemas movie theater in East Anchorage.

Shortly after reopening, four Alaska movie theaters will close Thursday

On Monday, Cineworld, the parent company of Regal, announced the temporary suspension of operations at all of its U.S. theaters, as of Thursday, Oct. 8.
A man sits at a picnic table at a restaurant.

Anchorage businesses owners look toward another season of pandemic-related challenges

The season is changing, and some businesses didn’t survive the summer. The ones that did are now preparing for the long winter ahead.
Two children stand next to a big, inflatable duck, holding signs advertising ticket sales for the Great Alaska Duck Race.

Online raffles are temporarily approved in Alaska, as non-profits adjust to pandemic precautions

The rule change is set to expire on November 15, when the state’s COVID-19 emergency disaster declaration ends.
The Trans-Alaska Pipeline is seen running alongside the Dalton Highway, next to a small mountain.

After plummeting this spring, low oil prices show no signs of rising. What does that mean for Alaska?

As impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic linger around the world, it's unclear if or when prices will be high again.
A line graph shows historical jobless rates by race in Alaska

LISTEN: What can history tell us about which Alaskans face the greatest barriers to employment?

Nationally, Black and Asian Americans are facing a much greater increase in the unemployment rate, compared to white Americans.
A woman smiles while bent over looking at her laptop screen in her classrom.

As the school year begins, Alaska school administrators worry low enrollment could impact state funding

Financially, there is a lot at stake. State funding of public schools is tied directly to enrollment.