Accredited Online Colleges


To avoid any confusion, an Accredited Online College is one approved by a government-sanctioned accreditation agency. However, the Internet is a sea full of untrustworthy information that, if you are not careful, will land you a useless degree awarded by a diploma mill. Thankfully, at Accredited Online Colleges, we provide you with the accurate and insightful information necessary to help you navigate the wide world of accredited online degrees and colleges.

During the Great Depression of the 1930s, veterans of the First World War were hit hard by unemployment and poverty. At the time, there were no federal provisions in place guaranteeing help to those who had fought to protect their country. In the G.I. Bill the Government recognizes that the best way for new veterans to find employment is through education and training. Higher education— from a four-year university, accredited online college, vocational certificate program or community college — can add to that experience and give returning troops the competitive edge they need to stay relevant in today’s job market. Learn more.